Online Customer Service for 24 Hours Pharmacies in France

In the recent past, patients have started being wooed by pharmacies who offer convenience as an extension of their services and goods. Customers want real-time responses and solutions to issues that may arise away from the pharmacy premises.  In this respect, 24 hours pharmacies in France have started investing in online live chat customer service. The future of live chat customer service dwells in the power of the information and communication technology available.

Live chat customer service offers a secure channel via which the patients’ problems are channeled through. This, therefore, allows the patients share all details of the products without fear of confidentiality issues. In addition, it also allows patients to connect with their pharmacists without having to walk to their physical location, writing emails or phoning.

A pharmacy that desires to gain a competitive advantage through live chat customer service should invest heavily in a stable website or application. The trend in the customer service dictates that a company must invest in technology.

Do not be too robotic in the development of the live chat customer service platform. Most of the customers want a one on one chat with someone who can understand their problems and tend to be in their shoes.

In addition, the workers handling customer issues should adequately be trained and equipped with the relevant pharmaceutical skills. It would actually be better if they were pharmacists but employed entirely to solve patients’ issues via the online chat platform. It would auger very wrong when an online customer service agent goes blank on questions being asked by the clients. Sales volume is mainly affected by the ability of a seller to offer after sales services. Moreover, the questions that the patients have must be answered to their contentment.

Live chat customer service is a growing trend that is being adopted by 24 hours pharmacies in France in solving patients’ issues. In many cases, meeting consumer expectations have significantly increased.  Actually, a recent research on future of live chat customer service used by pharmacies has indicated that customer satisfaction has increased tremendously. The statistics show that live chat offers 75% customer satisfaction rate for patients as compared to 45% for phone support and 60% for email support.

Apart from the live chat enabled by websites, there is live chat software. According to Microsoft, live chat customer software is not anything new. The software increase customer response by 80% as compared to the website based live chat. 24 hours pharmacies should strive to have the software. Moreover, software developers are highly investing time and resources to create Android-based live chat applications to be used by pharmacies. Android live chat applications can be installed on mobile phones to enhance privacy and convenience for both the patient and pharmacist.

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